Call For New Ideas

Dear NightWriters –

In response to our annual satisfaction survey, one particular request resonated with us. It was a call for new ideas, new leaders and new activities. The board’s response was a unified, loud and clear “YES!” Yes, please!

We would love to see more members joining our board! This is what it’s all about – bringing new ideas to the table, putting a plan of action in place and having a sufficient team to execute it. You all have a set of skills that is invaluable to our organization. Each one of you knows someone who is unknown to us, and that someone might be just the right person for our team.

Some of the tasks are simple and don’t require too much time.

Social Media:

I would love to have a team of social media contributors. If you use Facebook and Twitter a lot and come across interesting content that your writer peers could benefit from, then you can share it with the NightWriters. Our blog is currently being underutilized because I simply don’t have enough time to contribute more. If you are interested, contact me at


Our editors Susan Tuttle and Elizabeth Roderick would welcome contributors to the newsletter. You can provide them with material monthly, or just once in a while. For more details please contact Susan at, or Elizabeth at


If you are proficient in web design and have ideas (and time) to give our website a facelift, we’d love to hear from you! Give our webmaster Janice Konstantinidis a shout at


While most of our publicity at this time happens via social media, there is a number of local newspapers, radio shows and other outlets in which we would like to advertise. Often it’s nothing more than adding an event to the calendar on their website.

As you can see, all of these are simple tasks, yet added together they can become overwhelming. The board members are volunteers. We do what we do in our free time. We welcome new participants with open arms.

Come join us! Our board meetings are held every first Sunday (the upcoming one

July 5th) from 1-3pm and we meet at the same location as our general monthly meetings (United Church of Christ, 11245 Los Osos Valley Road, San Luis Obispo), in the building opposite to the Fellowship Hall. Feel free to join us, ask questions, bring new ideas and some new energy!

We look forward to seeing you and hearing from you!

With thanks,

Andrea Chmelik

SLONW Vice President


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