Limerick Corner

Here’s something new for us all to play with. Craft a limerick and send it to the editor ( for the next issue of WordSmiths. It’s just 5 little lines of fun, and it’s a lot of fun to craft. So put on your thinking caps and start rhyming those lines. Be sure to put “Limerick” in the subject line.

There are no themes, no rules, other than it has to fit the standard limerick format.

Here are three that fell off the pen of Janice Konstantinidis to start us off (send your photo with your poem if you’d like):

A cunning young gopher named Willie,
Thought all human beings were silly.
He waited his chance
Behind a large branch,
Then dug as he pleased, willy-nilly.

A crocodile crossing the Nile
Stopped as he swam, with a smile.
The pharaoh he’d chewed
Was really quite rude;
The croc thought the meal quite worthwhile.

Said Billy the wasp to a flea,
I think you’d taste nice in my tea.”
The flea said to Billy,
In a voice that was shrilly,
I don’t think I really agree.”


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