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From Our Members – Anything Short of Murder by Tony Piazza

Anything Short of Murder

Tony Piazza’s “Anything Short of Murder” read by Broadway actor James Romick has been released on Audible, and is also available on Amazon and i-Tunes.

Anything Short of Murder is a mystery written in the style of the pulp detective thrillers of the 1930s. It follows the investigation of a former LAPD cop who sets up shop in Hollywood during its golden era, when movies began to talk and studio heads were kings.

Happy listening!

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From Our Members – Twenty Seven Million by Brian Neary

Does art predict real life?

This morning the archbishop of St. Paul, Minnesota and a deputy bishop resigned, charged with having “turned a blind eye” to repeated reports of inappropriate behavior by a priest who was later convicted of molesting two boys.Al Jazeera news, 6/15/2015

St. Paul attorney Jeff Anderson refers to Vatican criminals as adhering “…to secrecy and self-governance operating above the law.” Minn Star Tribune 6/15/2015

Award winning author Brian Neary appears to have insider information on Vatican deceits, as his acclaimed thriller “Twenty Seven Million” crosses the line from intriguing fiction to shocking and predictive reality. Amazon reviewers are unanimous in their response; a gripping novel that’s …impossible to put down.

Twenty Seven MIllion

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