Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, September 9

Publishers Panel

Publishers Panel is scheduled for NightWriter’s September Meeting. Brian Schwartz, Jason Matthews, Jeannie Bruenning and Randy Ross will be prepared to answer your questions as well as offer their points of view on the current state of publishing. Join us Tuesday, September 9th at 6:30 at the Unitarian Universalist Social Hall. Come prepared with questions and our Publisher’s Panel will provide answers.

Unitarian Universalist Social Hall

2201 Lawton St. (near Corner of South & Broad) San Luis Obispo, CA

Brian Schwartz: Kindle Expert

Jason Matthews: Teaches a video course on self-publishing

Jeannie Bruenning: Silver Thread Publishing

Randy Ross

Marketing Specialist @ The Parable Group

Round Table 5:15 – 6:15

Critique Table: Terry Sanville will be available to listen and give feedback. For those wishing to be critiqued, please bring 2 copies of your work – one for you and one for those critiquing.  Observers are also welcome. If you would like to observe the critiquing process, join the group, watch, and learn.

Write it Right: Susan Tuttle continues the 6-month series on writing. Bring your notebook and ideas and get ready to write.


3 thoughts on “Monthly Meeting

  1. Why is this information duplicated on both websites that SLO Nightwriters now owns? Two websites is confusing. Where should a member go to obtain which piece of information? Is someone planning to take over the one, single website that will represent our organization? Is a .com website address a wise move? .com addresses don’t usually indicate a non-profit organization.

    • andreachmelik says:

      Dear Anthony – thank you for bringing this issue up. We will discuss it at our next board meeting. The idea was to have a website that was all about the organization (.org) that would focus on topics that are related to SLONW as an organization only. It would not promote members (to assure we would not spotlight one, but leave out others), their works or certain events that are not SLONW specific – it would promote and relate strictly to SLONW (example – we would have info about our mission, our yearly writing contest, our critique groups, etc. there, but would not single out members’ publications). To spread the news about our members, share interesting articles from our newsletter and have an ongoing conversation with our members – for that we use our blog (.com). I know that at this moment there is still a lot to do to achieve this goal, and I apologize for our effort being confusing rather than streamlined. We will make sure to work this out as soon as possible!

  2. diane conn says:

    i think my sister left her bag at the meeting last Tuesday – pink black and white with my notebook in it. did anyone find it?
    thanks a lot!

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